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Fields Avenue & 1st Street - Balibago

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Walking Street East
Walking Street East

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Walking Street Arch West
Walking Street Arch West

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Angeles City sign 1
Angeles City sign 1

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Walking Street East
Walking Street East

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The RnR businesses on the World famous Fields Avenue and 1st Street grew around the outside of Main Gate of the former U.S. Airbase of Clark, and boomed during the Vietnam War era.

Following the closer of the base, hastened by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Fields continued to flourish as a major Philippine tourist attraction to this day with few changes to the infrastructure.

Located in the Balibago district of Angeles City, Fields Avenue continues to attract visitors from far and wide, with the "Walking Street" section of Fields hosting a concentration of the essence of the former base city.

Hotels          Grid Ref

Orsu Hotel               D5

1st Avenue                   A 7

950 Condotel               D 4

A7 Square                   D 10

ABC                             D 2

Affinity                         E 2

Apalonia                      F 4

Aura                             A 10

Best Western               F 9

Brass Knob                  D 1

Clark Imperial              D 3

Dalian Peak                 F 4

Devera                         D 3

DM Residence             F 4

El Vistra                       F 3

Eurotel                         D 3

Fields Plaza                 D 10

Garden View                E 1

Hana                            D 4

I Hotel                          D 7

Kona                            D 2

La Terasita                   F 5

Natalia                         D 5

Orchid Inn                    D 7

Orsu Hotel                   D 5

Pacific Breeze              D 9

PJ Inn                           F 3

Prime City                    E 1

Queens                         D 6

Saleh                            D 3

Score Birds                  D 9

Sun Moon                    D 1

Swiss Chalet                D 8

The Palms                    A 7

Tiger                             E 3

Valentino’s                    F 8

Wild Orchid                  F 9

Winter                          E 3

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